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May 15, 2012


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I love the tunic! It looks great on you! I still have trouble making stuff for myself. It always turns out bad and I never wear it! I need more practice. congrats on the news!

Jenny Stein

A perfect way to share your good news.


wonderful news congratulations. The tunic is fab as usual.


Virginia, the tunic looks fantastic, but your news eclipses it! Congratulations, I'm so excited for you and your family!


Congrats... I'm sure you're excited to be making clothes and accessories for the newest little one!

Melissa at Bless This Mess

Hint Hint HURRAY! I'm so happy for you and your little brood. Are you wanting one gender or the other? In my mind you'd like another little boy so that your son can have a brother. Brothers are the best! I'm so pleased that you always post where you get things. I have never made anything for myself, only my kids, but this tunic might just be up my summer alley. Thanks and congrats.


G you look AWESOME!!


Beautiful top! I so love voile...prob the only fabric I'd use to make clothes for myself since it's so soft. Can't wait to see some baby bump photos :)


Awesome! It looks great! And congrats to you :)


Wow gorgeous, have you seen VeryKerry's Tova in the same fabric? You both appear to have the same skill with lining lines up! Fantastic news (making an assumption!).


Oh that's lovely! -- both the tunic and the news -- congratulations!

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