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May 26, 2012


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These look so easy - but would make brilliant Christmas gifts! I just linked you up in my lastest blog post - hope that's ok :)

Deirdre Calhoun

I was inspired by these to make some for my daughter's future apartment. Only instead of two fabric layers and the heat resistant batting I used ironing board fabric. You can see my pictures in my blog.




I have a new walking foot shipping to me now, and these would make a great test drive project. Thanks!

Tansy Dolls

These are super cute! I might need to try to make some! The piping definitely adds something extra special to these!


Love these. Great job!


your attention to detail is so wonderful! I didn't know how to do the piping, thanks!

amy dunn

Very cute my friend!!! Thanks so much for the tutorial!!!


These are really cute! I want one!

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