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April 19, 2012


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Anne Marie

Those chairs were a great find - good for you. I am not a good thrift shopper - I never seem to find anything that gets me excited.


love those chairs. I am going to try to finish up a couple of dresses and shorts next week. Crossed fingers.


I'm super bad about listing things on Etsy. It can't sell if it's not seen by others to buy (maybe that's the problem...I'm not ready to sell some of the items quite yet...just want to hold on to them for a bit before I pass them on to new homes).

Those aprons are fantastic. I should dress up more often when cooking, then maybe I'd like it more. :-)


I am still so incredibly jealous of your awesome chair find!!! I'm hoping to join in during Kids Clothing Week too. I think I'm going to stick to some knit stuff ...t-shirts, maybe a dress. We'll see...


Great find! Don't feel bad about paying too little, that's the whole point! Really, love those chairs.


I'm the one who bought the white floral pillowcases! One of my most favorite prints! I am not much of a blog reader but I just wanted to say that I enjoy yours and I will be trying out some of you tutorials! Very cute!

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