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April 24, 2012


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this is so lovely, thanks for the inspiration!

Boston clothing

I absolutely love these pics, the way you've styled them, the outfits, photoshop background, very darn cool!!


I love it! So modern.


Beautiful work on this. I saw your dress featured on Made and wanted to tell you how lovely it is. I love ManiMina patterns, I like how you modified in this waist, very clever. Lovely photoshoot.

Anne Marie

How cute - I have always had a fondness for gingham.


So adorable! I love this dress. I love the bias binding. Thanks for sharing.

April Spinetti

This is really cute and inspiring. I love everything about it. The shoes make the outfit. Can you tell me what brand they are? Thanks!


The elastic rushing turned out perfect in the end. what an happy mistake!
That dress is so girly and playfull. It's really very pretty!


Beautiful dress and girl. :)


This is gorgeous! My 4 to daughter us right into wearing school uniforms at the moment. Something like this would do the trick. Thanks for the inspiration.

amy dunn

That is so cute!!! I love the gingham and the shoes and purse are so fabulous!!! I have several of her patterns and they are so cute and super wearable and comfy. I don't have that specific one but I may have to get it (I think your version may even be cuter though!!)


Sandra :)

Oh my what a lucky (and pretty) little girl - I wish you'd been making my clothes when I was that age, instead of my mom, who used to dress me in WOOL. EWWWWWWWWWWWW! She also dressed my sister and I in matching outfits and my sister is 6 years older, so imagine HER horror, LOLOL!

BTW - I've recently made 2 Max the owl stuffies (Max and Maxine, for boy/girl twins) and have 2 more cut out! That will bring my tally up to 5 - I really love that pattern :D


This dress is amazing! I love the waist addition too! I am so into gingham right now too!


I love, love, love this, too. So cute, girly but not to pink and fussy. I have the best KCWC intentions, but so far have only cut out the pattern!


Love, love, love this dress. So sweet! It's so perfect made with gingham- it reminds me a little of Wizard of Oz with the red sandals.


Oh my!! i love this dress!! Yours and the pattern itself!! I just made it as a nightgown for my daughter!! http://buzzmills.typepad.com/blog/2012/04/kcwc-day-one.html
And have used it before as well as a dress turned tunic...hmmm, now I'm thinking about making some of the changes that you made for the next time i make it! Lovely dress!

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