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March 28, 2012


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What a lovely dress. The fabric is awesome and the fit is perfect.


love it! It's just perfect for Easter :) my almost 8 year old is exactly the same. She's always asking me to make her an 'olden days', dress!!!

Carlissa Book

I made my 23 month old daughter a peasant dress and my son a matching tie for Easter. They look so cute together.


How cute that dress is!!! Yes, we are super fancy here in the ATL. Hahaha!!! Just came over to purchase your bunny pattern and hopefully get 4 of them made before Easter. Ha!!
Hope you have a safe and fun trip!!


This is a sweet dress and she is so beautiful.


Such a pretty dress, so glad she likes it. My daughter used to like these dresses until she turned 13 and wore nothing but jeans for years. Now she is 19 and going back to more girly dressing, she asks me to sew dresses and blouses for her. So don't worry, you'll have another chance to sew for her again even after she grows up!


I totally agree with what you said about these "fancy" dresses being simpler than other types of dresses. I was so excited about making my daughter a School Photo dress (from Oliver & S patterns), but now that it is nearly done, I am worried that she won't wear it. It seems that the more elegant dresses hardly get worn, and the ones in brighter prints with a simple bodice and a few ruffles get the most wear. She wears them to pre-K with leggings underneath and wears them over and over again.

Lovely dress, and interesting to learn that my 4 year-old isn't the only one who thinks this way. Smiles!


So sweet and pretty!!


Isn't it nice to find new ways to make your kids feel special? and when you can do it in a way that's so pretty and also fun for you, then it's a win/ win! Have a happy (and fancy) Easter!


very pretty! she looks so proud of that dress :) hoping maybe we can squeeze in a visit while you're in atl!! not sure how long you'll be down and my schedule is pretty annoying at the present but maybe we can work something out.


Love the sleeves and everything about this dress. I like the vertical stripes on top and horizontal on the bottom. Very flattering on your daughter. The colors and pattern compliments her beauty, not compete with it. I hope to make a dress for my daughters too.

Anne Marie

So pretty and the color compliments her hair color. Enjoy your Easter trip!

Sandra :)

Awwwwwwww she's a darling, and looks so pretty and happy in her beautiful dress! I never got to sew pretties for daughters, but I'm looking forward to sewing them for the great niece that's due to arrive in May!

If you have any little scraps left over, you could make a pretty little bag to go with the dress!

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