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February 28, 2012


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Chanel Outlet

The greatest discovery of the Cairo Geniza was a text in the original Hebrew posed

Stefanie Gott-Dinsmore

Maybe the ears should be bigger?

Anne Marie

He is going to be a darling bunny - I would go with a button eye also unless it is a toy for a young one - then the button might pose a safety issue. I really love the tail and your fabric choices. I keep staring at your header - love those ferns and clay pots - wish they were in my backyard!


I like it! The tail is super cute! Maybe you could embroider a nose on it. It also reminds me of a chocolate Easter bunny :)


The profile reminds me of a chocolate easter basket bunny. So cute. I like the button eye idea.


This bunny is gorgeous! I love your fabric choices, and the bow is perfect! I like Amy's idea about using a button eye and Katie's for an embroidered nose. I bet Elsie loves it!

Jenny Stein

Really cute. I like the bright fabric and I agree about the tail!


Very cute. Isn't it funny how things we feel we can zip right through are the ones that give us the biggest headaches? LOL

I think the bunny's eye needs to be a bit smaller and tilted up on the left side more. More like this adorable bunny's eye - see how it's tilted more and yours is more horizontally placed?

The nose needs to be a little longer too I think.

I LOVE the fabrics you've used and really I love the bow as it is. Good luck.


I think the eye needs to be further back on his head, and smaller. Perhaps an embroidered nose? The bow is great though and all in all he is really darling, very cute!

amy dunn

I like him and the bow is really cute! Maybe a button eye? Love the fabrics you used.

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