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January 13, 2012


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Dear Gingercake, even though I do not even know your name, your blog is my daily treat. I log in whenever I have need a break from the commercial world and demanding clients and what you make and post delights me. I am and have always been a working mom (Architect) and even though my work is wonderful, a part of me envies and admire you and your blogging friends very much. Through your blog, I get a glimpse of a life that I did not choose and through your posts, I become part of that life. For me it is enough and essential. Know that your work is very much loved and appreciated, even from as far as Cape Town where we are currently having a heatwave of note. Big hug.

Heidi S

So cute! I love the bronze glitter! I don't know if you're into painting with the kids but I love to watercolor paint coffee filters with my class (1st grade) then guide them to fold and cut them into paper snowflakes once they are dry. It's quite a lesson in patience but they're always so excited with the finished snowflakes (and trust me they aren't generally "perfect"). :)


Yes! I actually just created a 'creative play' board on Pinterest. We are some what limited since Holden is only 19 months but I love watching him create and learn new things!! The snowflake is super cute.....you should do more and decorate a window for when the real stuff is gone.


I used to do so much with my oldest, a little less with my next and barely anything with the last 2. It's the mess that's the problem. Luckily, I take them to playgroup every week so they can get their craft on there!



(oops, the above link didn't work)


i created a "craft box" for my boys (like this one http://kleas.typepad.com/kleas/2009/11/kids-craft-box.html) and i fill in the empty boxes as needed with new or gathered materials ...a little glue, a pad of paper and the kids can feel free to explore + create using what they may. and (hopefully) it's frustration free!

love your snowflake!


Thanks for leaving me a comment! Your snowflake came out great! Love the bronze. :)

I hope the snow and wind settles so that you can get some playtime in the real stuff!


amy dunn

NO WAY!!! I know that's terrible but it stresses me out! Adelaide needs to be a little bigger and then I think I will be able to handle it. :) Love your snow flakes and I really like the bronze glitter.

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