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January 4, 2012


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Bottega Veneta

Creel surveys of angler catches from Maine to Virginia tell a frightening story about the future of the striped bass.

Anne Marie

Happy birthday to Anne - such a cutie pie. We not only share the same name but also the freckles - my mother used to tell me they were angel kisses! Love the penguin party idea and your bunting is adorable!


happy birthday. Love the shirt, I know how you feel about keeping them little.


Happy Birthday to Anne! She is so cute...or should I say pretty? A wise woman of 6 may not want to be called cute.

Lucky, to have such a craft mom.


Love the birthday shirt idea!

amy dunn

Happy birthday Anne!!!! She's so cute! So glad she had a good day! :)

Stefanie Gott-Dinsmore

No, she's not saying MOM!, she's saying MMAAAWWWWMMMM" ;)


Happy birthday, anne! :)

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