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January 18, 2012


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Very cute quilt! I found your blog through a pin.


This is so beautiful!
I am inspired but still afraid to try a quilt. I have been looking for something to buy for my daughter's beds (they share) and nothing looks soft enough. This is just wonderful! I might have to try it.
I also think - real or cheater binding - who cares - it looks great!


It's just gorgeous! I love the colours and the way they seem random yet completely "together" at the same time - I'm inspired!! I'd love to make a quilt but think I'll start on something smaller!


Wow! So beautiful! You did a wonderful job! My aunt and I were just talking about me sewing my first quilt. Maybe I will have use most of the sheet fabric I won from you to make a quilt along with the patchwork stuffed animal!

Hope we don't get too much ice tonight.

Jennie Erwin

Good work! That turned out really pretty. I love cheater bindings. I made my mother something once and was tired of the project by the time I got to the binding. I figured, oh, no one will notice, cheater bind this sucker and get it off my sewing table. The next week my mother is all, "I should show you how to do a binding sometime." *facepalm* :-D


Beautiful work! And that was a great idea for your 'cheater' binding - I'll have to try that on my next quick little baby blanket that I make tonight. Yay!


So inspiring! I am blown away... I have millions of fabric scraps and have been waiting for a quilt pattern that "grabs" me. This quilts really works.


Love it! I'm hoping to get a vintage sheet quilt (my first quilt) done in two weeks. I've been working on it since July. Seeing yours finished makes me want to work on mine faster. :-)


This is so pretty and looks so fresh in her green room, and I love the way you've quilted it. I'm working on a quilt at the moment and now I'm wondering if that plus pattern might work for it. I also like the sound of your binding, so thanks for all the inspiration!


It's so beautiful! I started on my first bed-sized quilt a looooong time ago, but I haven't finished it yet. I also have stacks of vintage sheets waiting to be cut up and used. I would love to make a quilt out of them someday.


This turned out so nice! I love it & like her pillowcase with it, looks so comfy.


Ah it is gorgeous, well done! I've been meaning to start a quilt with my vintage stash and have gone for the Oh My Stars quilt along, but it only uses approx 16FQ so I'll still have plenty left for another vintage one!
Have you labelled your quilt? I never did until I read about everyone else labelling theirs! This is quite useful http://www.etsy.com/blog/en/2011/how-tuesday-make-a-quilt-label/

amy dunn

It turned out so awesome!!! Love it!

Anne Marie

Oh do I love this and I know Annie is so proud!! I have yet to try a quilt but you are inspiring me to give it a shot. Was it difficult doing the machine quilting around the squares - did it tend to bunch up?? I guess if you pin it well, bunching should not be a problem.


I am so excited to try a quilt! I just don't trust my vintage machine to handle it- the tension seems to slowly get tighter as I sew, and I have to keep adjusting it. Yours is beautiful! Maybe I'll use some of my vintage sheets to make one, someday...

Lisa Johnson

This is gorgeous! I absolute adore it! I may have to make one for myself!


Your vintage quilt turned out beautifully.... I love it!! Thanks for sharing.


woo hoo! congrats on your first quilt. it's beautiful :)

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