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January 25, 2012


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I love Anne's hoop!

Anne Marie

These are wonderful - what a keepsake for your children. You are so talented.


These are so great! My girls started making Valentines a couple of weeks ago. I hear you with the glitter. And paper scraps. And glue. And stickers. . . . everywhere. We have a designated Valentine-making supply box, and that helps. Bu the tarp idea is great!

I love the idea of making cloth envelopes. I know that should be really easy to figure out (I'm assuming you just trace a paper envelope). But maybe you could share a bit more on that?


I can see the chain stitches. They are perfect. Love the hoop idea.


Yes! I second the tarp idea. I got a cheap-o $2 non-vinyl shower curtain liner to put on the floor so Syd can play with her mini sandbox, etc. I just pick up what I can when she's done and take it outside to shake off the leftovers.

The hoops are super cute and very creative! Not sure if I'll get around to any V-day crafting but will try :)


Those are so cute! Maybe you need to have a tarp you can put down in a designated Valentine's crafting spot. That way all the glitter and junk will go there and then you can just roll it up and dump (what doesn't stick) into a bucket or bag or something and re-use it.
I haven't a clue what I'm doing for Valentine's gifts..


These are so gorgeous! and the idea of adding the envelopes is such a brilliant idea. In Australia we don't celebrate every holiday with gifts/ decorations like people in the US seem to (well, bloggers anyway), but the part where you mentioned a couple of weeks worth of compliments and lovey notes really resonated with me- it's a beautiful idea! (and maybe you could get some premixed glitter glue to save your sanity)

amy dunn

They are all adorable!! I think you used your trims in an awesome way! :) I'm sure they are going to have a really fun Valentine's day.

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