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January 19, 2012


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Heidi S

How fun!!! I loved the video of Cal. Too cute!

Stefanie Gott-Dinsmore

yay for boys, my boys like to craft with me :)

Elizabeth E.

Ah, Ed Emberly! We had lots of his books around the house when my three boys were growing up. One day about two years after the last child left the nest, I was cleaning out some corners, and found a folder full of little Ed Emberly drawings. Of course I saved them.

Great little puppet show of your son's!


Love it. Atty watched the video with me. I love the puppets. We're inspired.

Anne Marie

What a cutie Cal is - your children are adorable. Isn't it amazing how kids can have so much fun with simple things like an empty cardboard box and popsicle sticks. You are a great mom!


You are THE BEST mommy!!! Cal is so adorable.


I love it. He's got it all....robbers, a football man, and a band leader!

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