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November 15, 2011


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Kady Long

One of my very best friends is pregnant right now. I saw the cutest pattern for a quilt with an elephant in each square. She loves elephants and I would love to make that for her!


I love vintage sheets . . . so far I've only used them for quilting, but I'd like to start incorporating them in other projects . . .

Mariel W

Some sort of quilt. I'm so sad my mom got rid of all of my grandmother's vintage sheets. She had a closet full!


A friend's little girl is going through surgery, so I would use some to make some fun head scarves/wraps to cover her bald head as her hair grows back.

Thanks for the chance to win such pretty fabrics!


I think they would make great patchwork pillow covers! thanks!


Oooohh my goodness! My little sister had those rainbow sheets when we were growing up and they were one of the few things she refused to share with me! I really want to make some cute little neck scarves, baby blankets, and momma/daughter aprons. I'm also thinking that little bonnets and bloomers would looks way TOO cute with the awesome flower prints. Thank you for sharing!

Bonnie @ Pink Stitches

Oh gosh! I've always wanted to make a vintage sheet quilt. Maybe a mini quilt for my craft room! I would love this bundle!

Anne Marie

What lovely fabric - love vintage sheets - they are so much fun to make into quilts - especially baby quilts.


I'd probably use them to make cute kitchen curtains for the window over my sink. Thanks for the chance to win.


I love to make pillowcase dresses thanks to you! My mom, her friend and I participated in the Dress A Girl project you told us about. :) I only made 2, but my mom and her friend made at least 8.


What a great summer you've had! I saw a post from Jeni at In Color Order saying she found 34 sheets at the weekend - it's not fair. It's really interesting to see the difference in prints between the UK and US. I've found a fair few this summer and have made aprons and reusable grocery bags and I pattern tested for Lily Bird Studio and made a dress with one of the sheets - it's quite funky.


I'll probably make a quilt. I love the way the sheets look all pieced together and they bring back good memories for me! Thanks!


I'd make another quilt for my kiddo! Vintage sheets are perfect for that!!


I'll make ruffled aprons for my friends and their lil girls:)


The possibilities are endless. It would be really fun to make bags or pouches. I've never made a mini quilt, that would be fun. I really liked the idea of making softies with them, that would be super cute. I'm totally drawn to the first one up there with the fringe, I can't explain it but I love it :)

Account Deleted

Whoa! I totally had those 70's yellow and green daisy sheets on the bottom row! So tempted to hop over and buy them just for the memories... I can just feel how soft and worn those sheets got after many many years. :)

Anyway, I have an almost-2-year-old daughter now, so I'm sure I'd make something like a little patchy skirt, nightgown, doll accessories, etc from fabric like these.


I think I would use them to add a little kitschy pop to some sedate linen bags and folders.

Do you have more photos of the circus twin set? I'm wondering what the overall scale and style is like.


I swear I recognize some of those sheets! Are you sure you didn't attend estate sales in the neighborhood I grew up in?? :-)


Ahh! I love vintage sheets! I have my own little collection - and I use all of them. You can take a peek here http://linnea-joyfulstrength.blogspot.com/2011/08/vintage-sheet-collection.html . I seriously would love to have the pink/yellow/purple pansy sheets that you listed. Those are my favorite pattern in my own collection! It would be super fun to have some scraps to make cute things - I'm reluctant to cut up my own. Thanks for the giveaway!

Desiree @ Wee Share

My little girl has been asking for matching clothes for her and her doll... so, I think that's what I would make :)


I would make a patchwork stuffed animal for my youngest boy.
Thank you for the chance to win.

Michelle Caldera

I would make a little quilt for my girls dolls. I am just starting to learn how to quilt and I think that would be a cute fun little project to do!

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