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September 14, 2011


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oh my goodness! my sewing machine has a twin! and i got it for my 15th birthday, too! it's been a good old friend for 18 years! and still runs like a charm.


I have the exact same machine! Love it!


I have a White too! My mom bought it for me a couple of years ago to sew my son's baby quilt. She has had hers for 20 years or more and has never had to get it fixed. She said she wanted me to have a sturdy machine with no plastic parts. That came in handy when I filed the bobbin circle because It had gotten nicked by the needle. Thanks for sharing your process.

Anne Marie

Love the Lola bag - I have an old Kenmore that I feel the same way about as you feel about your White. This machine is more like 30 years old and runs so perfectly that I cannot part with it - it is a heavy machine - not plastic - which I love. I use just the zig zag and straight stitches so I am happy. I do not need all the bells and whistles on the new machines - it would just confuse me!


You should definitely make some Lola bags for your show. I love them and I bet lots of other moms would love them for their daughters too!


I have no tips. I reinvent the wheel every time a make something. Oh, I'm such a sucker for those crayon folios. I want them ALL!!!


Love the owl bag! Definitely going to make something inspired by it. (oh, btw: I've pinned you. hope that's ok!


Very nice! I agree, the owl bag is pretty darn cute!

amy dunn

they all look great!!! I used to have a white machine, it was a workhorse!! I like the note on your machine the best though, made me smile! :)


what a lovely post. I am in just the same boat at the moment I have a few wonderful fairs lined up and I am busy getting organised. I find that I like to cut everything out first and like you I have little mini stages that I work through before moving on I also like to set myself targets which are realistic but also push me a little too. If only I could make all the ideas that jump around in my head. Good luck in the show I know you will do great.


Wow you have been busy, makes me feel really panicky! I've got 3 fairs booked in between now and Christmas and I'm seriously lacking motivation/inspiration!
My special trick is my husband! I get him cutting straight lines while I sew! He's fantastic!
Good luck with your fairs.

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