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September 4, 2011


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This looks adorable and great way to use scraps, hope to try one soon. Cece

Ronda Reed

I have a grand nephew due in about 6 wks from now. This will make a cute gift for him. Thanks!

Tracey Brown

Thank you. I like the instructions for mitering the corners of the binding...that's a new to me method of doing it, and I am going to give it try soon.


Just found out that my cousin is expecting twins. What a great gift this will be. Love it! Hope they come out as well as yours. WIll be sure to send you a pic when I get them done. Thanks for sharing.


So cute!! I'm inspired to try one like this for car/RV/lap blankets.


Good job on your quilt! You know how you said sometimes you have problems with the quilt laying flat? You can help it lay flatter by changing the order of you steps. Try quilting before you trim the backing and bind the quilt. The top stretches as it is quilted, so this gives it room to shift. Binding last lets the layers shift some without bunching up. Hope this helps you. :-)


I have 3 friends that are expecting this spring! All are having little boys (one is having twin boys)!
I am excited to make them these quilys'


Thank you for the great tutorial to get me motivated!!
Just finish my baby quilt. It is for my friends first baby and they want the sex to be a surprise. I didnt have scraps that would work so i bought Yellow and Green fabric. I cut 5" strips of each color, then stitched the strips together, then I cut the strips that I had sewn together into 5" section(this made it so I had 4 blocks sewn together and continued piecing from there. It turned out so cute and Fast!! I wanted to personalize this gift so this is what I did. I took a 5 x 5 block, folded it on the diagonal (to make a triangle), top stitched the folded edge, then I stitched "made with love, Sara" on it, next I stitched it to the quilt top and the batting on the lower corner. Then I finished binding the quilt. I will be making more quilts like this for sure.
~ Sara ~


THanks for the great ideas. The tutorial was most helpful.


Thank you!!! I have a friend that is having a boy in April...I am so glad you showed the one for little boys...Now to get started!!!:)


This looks like a great project! I can't wait to try it!! Thanks

Amanda Pedro

Thank you thank you for this tutorial. I've been thinking of doing my 1st quilty thing, but the binding thing was putting me off. you have given me confidence to try it out!


Lovely! Strangely enough, I made a quilt this way this weekend, just a doll's quilt, my first one. I randomly picked all my pink scraps. Didn't turn out as well as yours though!!

Anne Marie

Thanks for this great tutorial! I love how you make every step so clear.


Great tutorial! Would this work with flannel scraps instead of cotton? That's all I have :/


This is great! I feel so empowered to quilt now - I've been wanting to try it for some time.

Caroll D

Great tutorial. I love using up all those scraps and this is a nice way to do that.

amy dunn

Very cute! Great tutorial my friend!! ;)


I was looking for a quick and easy baby quilt design to use up a lot of scraps. This is perfect & I like the self-binding technique. I haven't used that before, but can't wait to try it out! THANKS for sharing this tutorial!!!

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