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September 26, 2011


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I love scarves! I would LOVE to make this bag!!!


Favorite accessory right now is the new owl purses I just made via your patterns!


My fav accessory is my drizabone hat, perfect for keeping dry whilst walking the dog but possibly not as cool as the cluch bag!


For me, rain boots with dots... Cute pattern!!!


I love your fabric combinations, looks great! (don't pick me as I did a pattern test too so have already made one!)


I just learned how to make earrings so that will be the favorite accessory this fall. Love this bag and the chevrons are great!

Stephanie Granite

My favorite fall accessory is knee socks. I don't know why but I absolutely love wearing knee socks under my jeans, especially when they're argyle socks!

Ashley Williams

I'm excited for rain boots! I have the cutest ones and since we haven't had rain in MONTHS (I live in Texas!), I'm ready to wear them again. I love big cuddly warm scarfs too!

F.K. Ashworth

Mine would be a bag. Any bag cos I simply adore bags!


My favorite fall accessory is going to be a new jacket I ordered online! It is a black peacoat with a fuzzy cheetah printed collar. It's cute and retro! I decided later that I probably could have saved a buck, and made my own collar for a cheaper coat. But, that's how we learn!

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