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August 8, 2011


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Pens that write really smoothly and with colored ink.

Nicole Scott

I LOVE school supplies!!!! My favorite is probably pens.

I bought this pattern, but would LOVE to have the updated one... especially since I've never made it.

Mary Kay Christensen

Definitely a few college ruled notebooks. And the paper had to be super smooth.
Love the notebook and binder covers, I was just thinking of adding some notebook covers to my craft fair collection this weekend!

Maureen Cracknell

These are great Virginia! What a wonderful pattern!!!


Great pattern!! I will want to make bunches of these for my girls!!


Notebooks were my favorite hands down (and still are; I'll use every excuse to buy myself a new notebook. . .)!

Is the give-a-way for a pattern or an actual slipcover? I would love to hold one of these in my hands - that would certainly help me to understand how to make one myself. Do you sell them in your Etsy shop?


My favorite thing was brand-new erasers. The gum ones with the corners still intact. It seemed like they wouldn't stay that way for long...


I love this pattern! I always liked getting brand new crayons.


I reread your post this morning, and I too live in Pennsylvania, a little further south than you do, not too far away from you, and the teachers in our (affluent) community DO NOT provide anything for the children. Also, we are EXPECTED, as in required, as it is on the school supply list, to supply kleenex, hand sanitizer, ziploc bags, clorox wipes and anything else the teachers deem necessary. And, we have to replenish everything a few times throughout the year. How I long for the good old days when the school district paid for the necessary items as we have 3 boys in school. We literally spend hundreds of dollars that we don't have, on supplies. We are also expected to pay for our boys to participate in sports and clubs as well as pay for the lowest paid coaches or sponsors salary that they make for coaching the team or working the club. Nice, huh? And although we live in an affluent community, my husband and I by the grace of God, had the privilege to buy a very tiny 2 bedroom house built in 1944 in which we are stuffed into. We are by no means affluent, except in our love for our boys and each other. All of the supplies and fees are putting a HUGE stress on our already meager living. So, as you can see, not all schools in PA supply everything. Some supply nothing.

Kristin Gilbert

I always spent a long time selecting folders. There were so many designs. I still prefer patterned folders over the plain bornig ones for my grown-up organizing!

Julie B

I love this pattern -- I think it would make a great gift for my sewing friends who keep inspiration journals. I used to love shopping for back to school supplies at People's Drug in my hometown. I think my favorite was a new 3-ring binder AND the little zipper pouch that went inside -- a blank slate for the school year's worth of doodling. Thanks for walk down memory lane.

Annie Mc

My favourite school supply was new rubbers/erasers. Especially as over the summer I would buy them at every place we visited on family day trips. Having them in my pencil case kept those fun memories close by!

Stefanie Gott-Dinsmore

I always liked getting a new backpack and a new folder :)


I always loved brand new crayons and pencils. And new notebooks.


I loved getting a new sketchbook and good quality pens each year!


I love ink pens (NOT ballpoint) and handy cases to keep them in!


when i was about 12/13 we were all became obsessed with fountain pens at my school - and my favourite thing to buy was purple ink for them... if only i had the time to write with them now!

Pink Stitches

I love school supplies! That was always my favorite thing to do before school. I love binders and pencil cases!

Melissa Hannon

oohh.. new notebooks. I love the possibility of them. Blank pages just waiting. Now I have an 8 year old and I love to supply shopping.

Sheri Petersen

Oh wow, if we go WAY back I remember my favorite school supply were the fun erasers! Dinosaurs, basketballs, soccer balls, etc.. loved them all :)

A.J. Dub

This is the first time I have seen a cover for a binder. Very cute!
I too love school/office supplies. I almost dread back to school sales because I get a little carried away. :)
A new Trapper-Keeper was my fav as a kid with the school bag a close second.


I always loved new notebooks! I still do, notebooks, notepads, journals, doesn't matter! And I rarely use pencils. I hate it when they smear across your page. At work, blue pens for me. At home, black pens... what's up with that?

Dawn A.

I love school supplies!! Binders and notebooks and notepads are my favorite. Although a good pack of crayons is always well loved also :)

Margaret C

I still get to choose new school supplies - I'm a teacher ! I always choose some fancy pens to do my marking with ! LOVING the patterns - fingers crossed for this one !

Thanks for the opportunity !


I loved to get a new Box of crayons and glue. I also loved having a new box of freshly sharpened #2 pencils.

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