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August 13, 2011


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Hi, I came across this post while doing a search for Kokka's matroyshka fabric (featured here with your duffle bag). I realize a year has passed since this post but I was wondering if you can recall the maker name of the blue contrasting fabric you chose for the duffle? I am putting together a kitchen apron from the Kokka and would love to use the blue contrast for the straps...

Maureen Cracknell

I saw a few of your items on Pinterest this morning! The new photos are great!


Awesome! I still need to check out Pages!

My tip: make sure to always add a duplicate layer and make your changes to it, instead of the actual photo. That way if you mess up, you can delete that layer and start fresh. Or you can adjust the opacity of the layer and/or mask off areas that don't need to be changed!

amy dunn

Great tips!!! Thanks so much! :)

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