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July 29, 2011


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Would LOVE to see a tutorial - it's perfect for me and my 6 year old daughter!


Oh please oh please a tutorial!! Love it!

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this is skirt is lovely!

Clothes Manufacturers

Wow i just love these pretty Summer Skirts specially the last one xD

Debbie Henry

Love your skirts. They are so comfortable year round for me.


please post a tutorial on attaching the t shirt waist.


You are so unbelievably clever. Love the yoga waist skirt. Will have to look through my small fabric stash for possibilities!

Colleen D.

That is a fun skirt. I would appreciate seeing a tutorial if you decide to blog about it. Did you fold the t-shirt tube in half so that it was double thickness? Great color.


I really like the idea of a "yoga waist" skirt! Did you just come up with that yourself? Very cute fabrics too. The fact that these skirts were such a low cost makes it even sweeter.


Love the yoga-pants waist. What a great idea! Both of the skirts are great. Your daughter looks so sweet twirling around on the grass. Every little girl loves a twirly skirt ;)

amy dunn

LOVE both skirts! They are so adorable and do look super comfy!!!

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