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July 21, 2011


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I love it! And it would be great for my little girl's lunch!


Love the pattern and snack bag. I pack my daughter's snacks and my husband's lunch and it would be perfect for that.


Hi! I have made a lot of these lunchboxes and can vouch that the insul brite is the way to go! As far as packing lunches...my kids love old fashioned carrot sticks (not the baby carrots, but the kind you peel and cut like matchsticks:) and grapes.


Love this pattern and I've been wanting to make reusable snack bags for quite awhile now! My toddler really loves fruit, so when we go on a picnic, I make her apple sandwiches using round apple slices for the top and bottom, and peanut butter and granola in between.

Carla G.

Just what I was looking for....I made a lunch bag for my daughter last year and wanted to update it a bit. I would love to try this one out!! For lunches we usually go with a sandwich, something crunchy, a fruit and a tiny sweet for the end of the meal, usually a peppermint patty or something non-sticky.


Oh goodness, we have a total weakness for cute lunchboxes. What's one more? Tee hee.

As far as what we pack in our collection of cute lunchboxes, the girlies usually like a small thermos of mac 'n cheese, fruit and a water bottle or another thermos of milk/fruit punch. Or we make sandwiches/wraps, kinda whatever they request for the day.

Oh! Almost forgot-I always tuck in a little sweet treat (one or two Starburst, mini bag of m&m's, etc) and fun note-from Hallmark or just a quick note scribbled on the napkin. Make it fun, the possibilities are endless.

Margaret C

Yay !! I didn't buy this pattern earlier as I saw you were re-vamping them, but I'm so GLAD you released this now as DD starts school in 3 weeks.

And when I say starts school, I mean the BIG "starts school" - as in Primary 1 !!!

When did that become possible ????!

Anyhow - I haven't got a menu as such, but I do have a guide that we've been following for DD's lunches since she was tiny. I read it in a foodie magazine that was discussing balanced meals for kids lunches. They propose...

A carbohydrate - eg bread, pasta etc
A protein - meat, beans etc
A veggie vitamin - eg veggies... ( surprise !!)
A fruit vitamin - eg ....yeah, you got it !
A dairy - yoghurt, cheese etc

I find this really helpful as a jumping off spot ( ham sandwich, with a soft cheese dippie and veggie sticks or beany veggie soup with a cheese roll or... !!) and also as a see-you're-not-a-bad-mummy pat on the balanced-diet back !

Then she can come home and eat popsicles, right ???

HTH a tad - LOVE the pattern and thanks for the opportunity to win !!


I make a home lunchable with low fat crackers turkey and low fat cheese. I also do pizza toppings in a tortilla sometimes. Love this pattern. I need it!

Beck C

Such a cute pattern, thanks for the chance to win it :) Our lunches don't often include sandwiches, because my son tends to not eat them. We have cold sliced meats (like ham), or leftovers like pizza, mini pies/savouries, iced buns, muffins/scones, etc.


I love this bag - I want one for myself, and can see it being very useful with our baby who will be born in October...
I love to make lunches with leftovers - a bit of extra chicken, in a yogurt and curry dressing in a wrap with some salad.. I love nibbles too - something that can be snacked on whenever, like carrot sticks, raisins and celery...
Celery with cream cheese to dip in is great too.
Cous cous salad is awesome and quick too- I put a tub, with 100g cous cous and then cover with 100g boiling water and half a chicken stock cube or some salt and herbs. I then chop up veggies like radishes, celery, tomatoes, anything else that is in the fridge really, with some ham or cheese. I often add a bit of mint, and then a drizzle of olive oil. I put it all in the box and stir with a fork, which makes a light, fluffy easy cous cous.

When I was little, I used to love pin-wheel sandwiches - butter and Marmite or some form of spread on bread, but instead of making normal sandwiches, roll them up like Swiss rolls and cut across, so you get a swirl.. much more fun!

Here are some more great ideas too -




My daughter is starting school in September but in May at her nursery school they had a "practice school day". They got to go on a bus ride and I had to pack her a lunch. Well apparently I was "the parent" who packed the lumberjack lunch-I guess I gave her a bit too much variety. We all had a good laugh :)
Her school has a no peanuts rule so it will be a little tricky but I think we'll be okay-she loves sandwiches, hummus and pita plus lots of snacky things.


this is great, would realy love to make one before kindergarden starts in September. I pack pretzels, fruit and some cornflakes in a bag sometimes biscuits or other treats

Scrummy Squirrel

My boys all eat peanut butter sandwiches, carrots or celery, water, an apple and homemade cookies for their school lunches. Sometimes in the winter I give them soup.

Thank you for the chance to win your wonderful pattern!


My daugther is starting kindergatren this fall and I would love to make her this lunch bag. In it, I'll probably pack some kind of sandwich with string cheese and grapes (since that's all she likes).

karen peachey

I think this would be wso gunto make for my daughter!! She can't wait till she's old enough to go to school!

Anne Marie

Lovely pattern - I really need a new lunchbox. I love to pack a sandwich for lunch. I like to pack the lettuce and tomato separately thus avoiding a soggy lunch. I also use leftover fast food packets of mayo - much easier than packing a little bit of mayo! I also like to take some raw veggies especially carrots and celery - just trying to eat a little healthier.


Oh I love it! I always go to your patterns to sew gifts to friends they always are so happy! :)


I have and love your old pattern (so I don't wish to be entered in the giveaway), but I wanted to let you know that I used insulbrite to line mine and it is fantastic! Also, instead of oilcloth I used rip stop so it's sort of water proof and that works well too!


Yogurt! I always have it in my lunch bag... Well it's really a breakfast bag!

Pink Stitches

My little one doesn't go to school yet but I would love this pattern to make gifts for nieces and nephews. I'd probably make one for my son for when we go on play dates. I would pack his favorite snacks, assorted chopped up fruits. He loves them all!

Julie B

Loved reading all of the suggestions for kids' lunches since that is something I struggle with. The biggest hit at our house is a Nutella sandwich cut out with a dinosaur cookie cutter.

Thanks for a lovely blog and inspiring projects.


I usually pack pb&j&nutella sandwiches for the kiddos and bottles of water - haven't met a kid yet who didn't fall for that combination! I love adorable lunch sacks but I've never tried making my own snack bags before. I'm about 5 weeks from my due date so trying to get in as much sewing as possible!!


Great lunch sack and snack bags! I love packing lunches, my kids are older - small water tins, cottage cheese, yogurts and fruit. Cut up veggies and small container of hummus. Anthing wrapped in a tortilla is always fun - pbj, cheese and lettuce and cuke slices!
Salad is fun too w/ tortilla chips.


Wow, what a great lunch box! I love it, and the fabrics are gorgeous too :) My daugther is only 9 months old but she has such a great appetite. I always bring some food with me when we go out. I usually bring homemade purees, finger foods and a little bottle of water. I also bring stuff for me, like veggies and a dip, a salad and/or fruits... I put everything in plastic containers but I should make some of those snack bags! I haven't got a lunchbag yet but I should because my nappy bag is getting a little bit small for all that food ;)


My daughter is only 3, but she loves pretzels, granola bars, yogurt, fruit snacks, raisins, grapes, carrots, quesadillas, and pb&j! Those are a staple in my house and I don't even pack a lunch for her yet! Love the pattern! I can see myself making many of these over the next few years for gifts and for my own children! I love the snack bag too!

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