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June 7, 2011


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I agree with what most people have said . . . keep em both. The other option if they're not *that* different is just to put a little amended section in the new one with the variations that can be used on the bag (like the divider and the different handles).


Oh, how to decide? Thus...keep them both. Although I like the style of the new one, I do like the divider of the old one. Both great!


I think options are always good - but I think I would choose the newer version! thanks for the chance to try it out!


I will join the chorus and say keep both of them. I have your original pattern and I really like the divider - but I'd love to try the new one, too. I second the idea to give them different names and keep both of them.


Since you said this was a new improved version my first thought was to keep the new one and take out the old one. But after reading some other comments and looking at the old version, I agree it would be good to keep them both, but as Lise mentioned, they should have different names since they look like two different bags.


leave them both - I for one like choice:)


I like the idea of a separator - just keep both and let the people decide!! Nice lunch bags - would love to show off with one!!

Beth Griffin

I like the newer version, but I'm sure lots of people would like a choice, so I say keep them both!


I love the newer version with the tie handles - cute!!


I love the look of the new bag, especially the tie handle, but the divider in the old version is perfect for keeping lunch organized in transit from home to school. I suggest keeping them both.


I like them both but must admit the new one is my personal favorite! The tie handles are so much fun!

rita burhans

wow! i love them both -- then you have a choice! please count me in this giveaway! thank you!


I vote for keeping both. I like the idea of having the option to have a divider for those days where I am organised and have a couple of containers for various foods and want to seperate them as well as one where I can chuck it all in and go - this happens more often than not!


I'd keep both, with a slightly different name for one. Thanks for the chance to win!


Oh decisions, decisions, leave them both in and see what happens, what have you got to lose? Love you're choice of fabrics. I'd love to try the pattern out, especially as I've got some laminated cotton 'spare'!


just keep both version, this is better:)


I say keep them both in the shop, people love choices. This is very nice and people will love the ability to play with their fabric selections.


I say leave them both. Then the buyer can choose which version they want. They are both very cute, but I do love the look of the newest version!

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