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June 7, 2011


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Canvas Bags

I love everything about this bag - it is absolutely lovely - I am constantly amazed by the diversity of your designs - amazing.

Canvas Bags

Great idea....and you can find these bags at garage sales and get them for cheap. I'm going to make myself one. I love the newer version with the tie handles - cute!! Thanks for sharing this post so much. Fantastic.

Laurie Wilson

I would keep them both! You never know who likes which one better!


A waste free lunch bag would complete my organic, farmer's market supplied lunches. And so cute! It would brighten up the 9-5, that's for sure!

Keep them both. Diversity!


I say keep them BOTH!

THis is BEAUTIFUL!! I totally want one! LOVE the new one
I bet some people would still prefer the other one as well. especially with the divider! They are just different and variety is GOOD!

You could always sell a two pack of patterns that has both varieties??


I agree with many above. Keep them both. I know I'll like the roomier new bag better by my 5yr old is all about compartments. Thanks!


BTW, when is the new pattern going to be available?Thanks!

sariah pearson

I would certainly keep both! They are very different from each other and both cute. I love your new design's handle. The other one, besides the divider, could probably be made into a more boyish lunchbox with the right fabrics, while this one seems a bit more girlish. Is that why I love it? So anyway, that's my 2 cents. :-)

ramona potter

I love the new one, but agree you should keep both.

Annie Mc

Both sound fab, so keep 'em both in the shop :)


I love the new one, but both couldn't hurt, could it? Who am I to say? I usually eat the left over mac and cheese out the the pan for lunch. I imagine far better things come out of that bag.

Jill D

I say keep them both. You can never have too many lunch bags. Just give the new on a different name like hobo bag or something 'cause it looks like a hobo bag. Very cute.:)


I think it's best to keep the both.

Ginger McKenzie

OH MY, I love it!! Keep both for sure! My son SO needs one for school next year. He was a bit too rough on his metal one last year! AND a chance to make something totally boy! :)


keep both. I love the tie handles on this one really lovely.

Pink Stitches

Super cute! Just leave them both. It wouldn't hurt to have options :)


Keep them both! I think they are different enough to be able to sell them both. I LOVE it. Has all you other patterns!

Dianne Ritter

Ooooh I love this bag esp the one with plain yellow! I say leave both patterns up, variety is the spice of life after all! I just happen to have some laminated fabric that I HAD to buy because it was TOO delicious to leave in the shop so would love to try my hand at this lovely project!
thanks for the opportunity!


I need to make one for work, plastic carriers bags are not very stylish!

Ellen Patton

I would love to win! I'm a bag lady.

Lisa Q

I'd leave them both in your shop...they are different enough and offer everyone a bit of choice. Love how this turned out. What fun back to school gifts these would make.

A.J. Dub

Both! I like the option of having a divider.


I have a little girl that will bring lunch next year! Would love to try this pattern out!

amy dunn

Love the new design!!! I vote for keeping both in the shop, more choices is always more fun! :)


Oh My!!! What am I supposed to do now? I was planning to make this bag (the older version) as a present for my kid's school teachers...but, wich one to choose??? I love both of them!!

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