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June 10, 2011


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Such cute dresses and colorful fabric. The girls are adorable.


cute dresses. these are as adorable as the ones I saw at http://www.sophiasstyle.com/


Oooo, I like yours even better than the inspiration. The extra blousiness is nice.


That is just adorable! and it does look so comfortable on her. Is there any more fun than bubbles? well maybe sidewalk chalk!!


You've been one busy lady lately! Thanks for sharing where you got that pretty fabric. . . I'm thinking I may have to try to find some to make myself a top!


Love, love, love! So much so that even though it is freezing (winter) where I live, I'm going to make some anyway. And I have some beautiful floral lawn which will do the job nicely. Thanks for the inspiration!


Oh that's sweet! I used to love little rompers like that when I was a kid. So comfortable - perfect for summer!

amy dunn

What a cute romper!!! Great fabric! We did bubbles today too! :)

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