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May 2, 2011


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So cute! Do you sell these too?


It's realy beautiful !!!!!!!
my little boy loves owls !!! i'll do this bag for him soon.

Tara Weigner

I love this, I’ve had it pinned since early this year and I just finally featured it on my blog as an item I want to make for the upcoming holiday. http://bandaidparade.blogspot.com/2012/10/what-are-you-making.html

Thanks for sharing!

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can I ask why you're needing to "control" what your child chooses to wear? isn't childhood about being free and wild and dressing up like a bunny to go shopping?


adorable! I think I'll make a few for some friends, and kids I take care of.


So cute! I wish I had started doing that sort of choose-from-Mommy's-choices thing when my daughter was younger. Now that she is 11, she gets on websites for Target, Justice, Old Navy, etc, and then drags me in to see HER choices!


I would love one of these.. but I don't sew. Anyone plan to sell one?


Sooo cute! I love owls. I will have to put this on my project list.

High Heels

I can't take my eyes from your site. Fantastic!!!


Crazy cute! I have to make one for myself.

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WOW, you are so talented. What a adorable bag.


awe, what an adorable little bag!

Pieces of Sunshine

Love the Owl bag and you beautiful garden!


the owl bag is beautiful ... very nice pictures and beautiful model


Love the owl purse!

Tiffany @ Another Pie In The Sky

I absolutely LOVE the owl purse! Thinking I'll make these for my girls for school next year.


That size owl purse is so great!!!!!! I love it!!


So, so cute. I love the outfit. Just like a grown up but the bag makes it perfect for a little girl.

BTW your flowers look great, I'm jealous.


I do the same with my kids clothes, saves so much trouble. The bag is just gorgeous.

A.J. Dub

I do that with my kids' clothes as well. I have found that if I bring home a dress I love that fits our standard of modesty and just give it to my 12 year old, she loves it, but if I show her in the store she usually doesn't like it at all. :)

That bag is really cute.


You are very smart not to take your young daughter into a store to pick out clothes for herself. I am increasingly realizing that pre-selection is necessary in this day in age! Thanks for reminding me that I am not the only one who feels this way.

And I love the owl purse - for a mama or a daughter!


That purse it awesome! Great job, your customer is gonna love it!


Super sweet! Your daughter is a lovely model and I can totally see why she's claimed your scarf and wants a Lola bag of her own.

amy dunn

She is so cute!!! Love the bag and your scarf! :) I do the same thing with clothes for Hannah! If she picked things out herself she would look like a street walker!!!! Not happening. :)

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