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April 1, 2011


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Love this pretty quilt....Green was always my favorite color. Great fabric choices too!

Tracy Whitney

pretty! in my next life i hope to be a quilter. :)


Yes, so pretty. And such a great size, I keep thinking I should try a small one, but getting everything ready seems so daunting.

Mary Jo

Oh, so pretty!!! I'm not usually a "green" person, but this is beautiful!! I agree, I do not like to hand sew at all!! Plus, I'm not very good at it. Can you tell me the size of the finished quilt?


Gorgeous green! I love the scrappiness - you put some yummy fabrics together and they really look great because of the variety of shades and tones of green. What a lovely spring feeling quilt!


I love green! That is a very cute little quilt. I hope you give it to her. I can imagine her picnicing on it when the snow has gone and spring has sprung!

Pink Stitches

Totally gorgeous! I'm not getting sick of these at all, keep 'em coming!!


Beautiful! Green is my favorite color so this makes me smile!! I so wish I knew where to begin with making a quilt, I'd love to but I'm terrified to even try.

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