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March 9, 2011


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That is so beautiful, some girl will be so pleased, the daffodils are just coming out here in the UK, they are wonderful to see.

Shann in Spokane

<3 Love it! Dreaming of spring

Karen H

I remember those sheets..... my sister had them for her bed when she went off to college..... mid 1970's....


That is stunning! I do love daffodils. I wish I could see the face of the little girl who gets that one I wonder if she will think that it is an exotic flower.

Jess K.

It's so bright and cheery! Love the ruffle.


JUST FAN BLOOMIN TASTIC makes me wish I had a daughter to pop into one of these wonderful creations.
love it love it LOVE IT!!!


I've been following your blog for just a bit and just now realized your in Pittsburgh...me too! You're right, it was absolutely miserable today. I just keep telling myself, it can only get better!


So cute, can't wait to see tomorrow's dress.

amy dunn

Beautiful!!! So bright and cheery!


Virginia, I seriously love this dress. You are making me want to brave the thrift store again. But I'm sure I won't find anything this fabulous!

I really prefer the wider elastic myself! I thinking of trying some 3/4" on my next dress and see how that works out.


Sweet! I made some dresses with 1/4" elastic and some with 1/2" and preferred the wider too.


This just brighten my day! We here in Atlanta have had a gray rainy day also..except our temps were in the 50's!

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