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March 11, 2011


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The shape of the pocket is really adoring! I 'd say that you got excellent sewing skills. And I'm not kidding you know, what I'm saying is true. It is clearly seen on your work.


hello there ! love your blog..the blue dress is so perfect.x


I really thought you couldn't beat the daffodils, but I love this blue print.

Amanda Pedro

awesome tips of the trade. I'm about to sew up a dress with a pocket. i think I'll do yours instead. thanks so much for posting!

Jess K.

That is so beautiful!


again, with the amazing fabric! great job and good to know about the ric rac :)


Super cute and love that pocket!

Ivonne Loving

Thank you for this tutorial. I am learning how to sew, verrryyy slowwwlyyy! Your blog is so useful to me. Thanks! I also want you to know that what you are doing "Dress a girl around the world" is incredible. I hope to join something like this in a near future. Thanks once again!

Amy Dunn

so cute! I love how the ric rac looks under the edge of the pocket!!!

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