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March 17, 2011


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wonga promo code 2012

Looking for the winter dress offer, please share if any body have.


These are summer dresses do you also offer winter dresses?

sharper image

Is this offer still available? I want to buy few of them.

Angela Fichera

I sent my dress from Sydney, Australia early this week.... hopefully it should arrive by end of next week. I didn't add my photo to the list.. I think there will be a lot more than 217 :) It was wonderful to be able to contribute!


Wow, thank you for the coupon code!
This was a fun project to participate in. First time ever making these adorable dresses. I was able to make 5. I wish I could have done more but I know we can always send dresses in.
You have a great blog!!

Nicole Scott

I followed along and made 4 dresses for Dress a girl around the world. It felt so good to ship them off.

Thank you so much for the coupon code. I've been eyeing several in your shop, so I'm going to treat myself! :)


Thanks for the shout out. Of course, I want to hear about your garden!


Wow!!! Over 200 dresses. So, so cool. I didn't add photos of mine and I know there are a few people that are still sewing so who knows. . . maybe we'll get up to 225 or 250 or. . .

Off to write down all the entries and draw! Will post the winners soon and will let everyone know about your awesome coupon code. Thank you!

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