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February 16, 2011


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Kimberly Seigler

I have an idea for you, and me because I need it! How about taking your love your lunchbox and turn it into a game (leapster, mobigo, nintendo ect) and cartridge holder? Of course with room to hold spare batteries or power cords. I refuse to pay for one of the ugly ones they sell for the price they want for it! I have seen a couple tuts for it but I don't really like them and your lunchbox would make it nice and secure with a fold over top. Just make it so that the device would be secure and maybe some small pockets for the games to go in.


That is the perfect pattern to make gifties for the many birthday parties that my kids are invited to! If I don't win I may have to purchase it! Thanks for the chance to win!

Heidi S

Wow! What a great idea! I love those "AHA!" moments. Your stack of organizers looks wonderful! I really like your patterns and can't wait to work on my lunch bag. Thanks for a chance to win!

Lisa Q

your patterns are adorable....and your fabric choices are so fun. I've jigged around with a tote pattern to make it to the specs I wanted but nothing quite as daring and trendy as you! thanks for the inspiration I receive from your posts.

de Oontand

nice, great present too!

Natalie Cone

I want this pattern so badly!! I am a writer, and I love to have covers on my notebooks that I use. And since you're such a genius, I'd LOVE for you to come up with a pattern for a flip-top notepad cover like this, but for those little journalist-size notebooks. New project for you!


So cool - how fun to reuse a pattern for something else.. These would make such cute gifts!

Anne Marie

Wonderful idea - I know these will sell like hotcakes! I would love to make some for my three little grandsons as they are definitely blooming artists!!

Beck C

Just awesome! Thanks for the chance to win :) Hugs from NZ


I love the art crayon bag pattern!!


Beautiful!! I just bought this pattern, can't wait to make it!


Love this, so cute. My son is a big fan of colored pencils so it's perfect for him. :)


I'd love to win your pattern. I've eyed your patterns a time or two but haven't taken the plunge yet.

I've had those aha moments but mostly with sewing clothes for my kids.


I would love to make one of these as a gift. Your fabric is great!


Oh my goodness!!! The perfect solution for the little artist in our family who draws where ever and whenever she can! Could it be possible that I won't have to find pencils in random places throughout my home???

Lori Burton

This is a terrific idea! Beautiful fabrics too!


Love the fabric selections! You are on a roll.....


These are awesome!! Perfect as a gift too!

A.J. Dub

These are great! I would love these for my kids to take to church and on road trips. So pretty too. Love that green and blue floral.


I love these! And the fabrics are perfect! So colorful!


These look awesome. I think my sisters would love something like this for birthday/Christmas gifts!!!

amy dunn

Love it!!! So awesome! I'm totally making these if I ever get to sew again! :)

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