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January 15, 2011


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My grands are the same! Biggest hit so far is pajama pants!

Hermes Kelly

Nice, and thanks for sharing this info with us.Good Luck!


Such cute combos! I agree that it is really difficult to find sweet boy fabrics. Riley Blake has some great boy prints. I used their Wheels fabrics for a quilt and various little projects with the leftovers, and I am waiting for my next fabric-buying allowance to get some All-Star. Although, after seeing some of this zoo fabric in action I may just have to straight-up copy your combo with the solids and plaids.

I've almost whittled down my stack of WIP's enough to start working on some art totes, myself.


Yea, I only have my little man and my big man to sew for unless I want to make stuff for my brother's daughter. It's just no fair I say!

The 2d-zoo print is EXCELLENT and I have it too. Michal Miller seems to have more boy friendly prints than others. RJR fabrics had something new in my local quilt store last month, really really bright and fun "Commotion in the Ocean", all of it is boy friendly, I bought a couple yards of the cuteness.

I also joined a fabric co-op on yahoo groups and got a boy color scheme for the really cute Ooga Booga fabric in both a knit and a velour fabric for really reasonable prices.

Sadly JoAnns novelty fabrics are my standby for cottons to make baby boy things. Frogs and dino's are pretty common and I can get them reasonably cheap for those items that I know are just going to need to be replaced in a year or so anyway. (Wetbags for instance.)

When he gets too old for the cute stuff, I have a stash of plaid flannel in greens and browns, with enough stock piled to make matching lounge wear for him and his daddy. That should get us through till pre-teen I think... tie-dye might be fun too.

Now if only little boys could wear ruffles... :-D


Cute stuff! I just love your blog! Do you find that you sell more patterns or sell more handmade items? All of your stuff is too cute!

Heather Joy

I love these, but completely empathize with you. My little boy is also uninterested in anything I sew or make him with one exception...a bean bag chair made with the Riley Blake Wheels fabric which he chose himself. He never sits down though...it is mostly used as a huge ball :)


I love the combination of fabrics and I especially love Cal's facial expression!


This is really cute. What cute pictures.


Sewing for boys/guys is tough! I think you did a fab job picking fabrics-really like the gingham mixed in.


I love your story and the things you made are very nice. I took my grandson to JoAnn the other day so we could get some buttons for him to glue on to a hat. He got baseball buttons. As we walked around the store he was very excited about an iron on guitar he saw so I know he would love the guitar fabric you linked here. Funny though, I was thinking about how little is posted and printed for boys as I was looking through a sewing book this evening. Even though I have 4 grandsons and only one grand-daughter I like to make things for her best.

Stefanie Gott-Dinsmore

Boys rule, girls drool :P I have to think that as a mom of two boys. It's harder to find stuff for boys, but I find you actually get to make some fun stuff if you can get creative. One of the fun things I made for the boys for Christmas was taking two dollar store scarves and converted them into fire breathing dragon scarves :)

Enjoy the boy craft challenge :)


Meghan R

LOL!!!! I love it. What a cutie he is. And the fabric is PERFECT for a young boy.

Amy Dunn

Wow! Those turned out awesome!!! Great fabric choice and combo! :)


These are so fun! I can't wait for your tutorial for the tractor pad/bag you made for your son. My son saw it on the computer as he walked by and is in love. It would be a great bag to take on errand-running days or to a hotel. :-)

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