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January 22, 2011


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I can't wait for the pattern!


Yes, you really MUST make a pattern for this! It is perfect and beautiful and I love to be organized!!! ;)


Oh this is super cute - pretty please could you let us have a pattern?


I think it's perfect just the way you have it.

Liz @ Living My Sweet Life

I'm a new fan! I just purchased 4 of your patterns over at youcanmakethis.com! I really love this clutch!


OH I AM IN LOVE! OH PLEASE give us the pattern for this?? I think I'd put it inside my own purse but, there are times it would be great to take on its own without having to take my purse with. I think a loop and detatchable strap would be awesome.


Oh I love this! So happy I discovered your blog!


Lovely! I like the idea of adding a strap - maybe detachable?


LOOVE IT!!! please, please make a pattern of this, I would love to make one for myself :)


gorgeous colours and a very good idea!


This turned out beautifully!


OH, pattern please. please, please!!! My daughter made me a large tote for Christmas (shh, don't tell her but it's kind of an awkward size but since she is 12, I will carry it until the last stitch falls apart!) but this clutch would be perfect for being able to organize inside the bag! It's lovely!


Wow - that is AMAZING. I really liked the pictures of it right off, and I thought, So Cute... THEN - you opened it and showed the insides = AMAZING!! If it were me, add a nice long skinny strap, and go! Wowza - great job!

margie c

Adorable! I love it! Especially the organizing part! I could really use some help too :)

amy dunn

Eeeekkkk!!! Pattern please!!!! It's fantastic, I must make one!

Lisa Q

that is amazing...everything in one spot. Love the fabrics you chose. very cute indeed.


Very nice! Will you offer this as a tutorial or even a pattern for sale? I know I'd make one for myself!

Stefanie Gott-Dinsmore

1) USAA rox ;) 2) I like to change my purses every few months so not having a strap would make it so I would just put the whole thing in a purse (if it would fit) BUT it is a cute purse, so my idea ;) is a removable strap. What's my prize? :P

A.J. Dub

This is fantastic!

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