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November 6, 2010


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I am trying to make this pattern and have a few concerns - my B pieces do not match up for the adult version, but they do for the child. Is this a problem you have heard before? Also, my the photos on my pattern are really fuzzy - the text is fine. Is this something that can be changed? I've made your On the Go Organizer and Art Caddy with great results. Thanks for providing creative patterns!

joan whitman

Hi there I ordered this on Monday and now I have exceeded to number of views when I went to print it. My order number is 6C8C0231CA84C95E. I replied to the order email and it bounced back. I'd like to be able to access the pattern I bought. Help!


I think the duffle bag is really cute but the fabric doesn't really appeal to me. I think having another sample in a more appealing fabric might help. I would recommend adding more interesting props to go with the bag. Maybe you could add a towel and sunglasses and a tropical drink in the spirit of a "getaway" theme? Good luck!

Janise Smith

I am new to this sewing thing but would definitely make this duffel bag one of my first projects! I love the fabric, especially the pink one, and they look very functional! I look forward to making one for me and my two girls!


i love the material you made the duffel bags with. I'm making a diaper bag for my daughter in law so the patterns would be great to win to make something different for her


I love this duffle and it would be perfect for packing my daughter up to go to Grandma's.



I love this bag and the fabrics are gorgeous. Personally I like the size and shape of the smaller childs one but I would definitley give this pattern a go. I would love to make one for my daughter for a weekend bag.
BTW Ive just found you through Prudent Baby and LOVING your blog. Cant wait to try out all your stuff.


I love this pattern! These are perfect and sure beat a bulky suitcase for a quick weekend trip. I think a photo of the bags next to something familiar in size to compare them to, maybe a chair or some cute shoes? Either way your current pics worked on me!


I think this looks like a great pattern - something my BFF and I were talking about the other day. We see lots of duffles but they are either ugly or too expensive. I would love to win this pattern & make one for her in fabrics of her liking.

I think your photos look great & make buying the pattern very enticing!


I really think this bag has so many uses, the fabric you have chosen to display is fine, (in my opinion), and any one who is a sewing is more than capable to visulise it in their favourite fabrics. I could see this being a great gift with a matching makeup bag/toiletries bag, and the gift ideas would be endless. I am not a great bag maker, but would tackle this with good step by step instructions and pictures.


I love the bag, but I agree with a couple of the earlier commenters about it not being a fabric I would use. BUT, with that being said, I also agree that I can easily picture it in a pattern I'd love! I'll definitely keep it in mind when I need to make a new bag. :)


I do like this bag, it's very cute! However, it's not really my favorite out of all your stuff. The only thing I might change on it is the handles. They seem a little small for a bag that seems so big, so I get the feeling that it might be hard to carry because of this. But it's kinda hard to tell from the picture on the proportions. That's really the only thing that has kept me away from this bag. I really do like it though, so please don't think I'm knockin your bag!


The bag shape is great. Maybe what it needs is just a little bit more details. Adding some piping to the end seams and maybe a cord in the folded over handle would give it a little more structure and visual "umph." These changes would not really take that much more work to add to the pattern, either. I was actually thinking of purchasing this pattern and making these changes myself. We have to drive 400 mi to visit family, and one of these per person would stuff into the trunk much easier than 2 large suitcases. Maybe a picture of them all lined up in the trunk of a car would be a good idea! Hope this helps!


i followed a link from Prudent Baby :-) I think that your bags are great. I actually like the look of the one for your daughter that you say isn't qite the right size.

Hannah P.

I like this bag! I think the new pictures help, maybe one of the inside so we can get an idea of how much it can hold? I love your fabrics


I think it looks great and the fabric is just fine! Maybe add a couple of photos showing the details like the zipper, handles, and contrasting fabric on the sides?

Christine Rogus

Such a cute bag!!!!I have 4 children so this would be perfect to make so they each had their own special bag!!


Looks like a great design. I have four girls to sew for, lotsa sleepovers ans opportunities to pack a cute little duffle.

Melanie P

I love the look of the new bag. While the fabric choices do not appeal to me, I can easily imagine it in the fabrics I have on hand. It is something I would definitely make.

Amy Dunn

the new pictures look awesome! I LOVE that leafy print with the yellow flowers!


I don't understand why that bag doesn't sell. I was so excited when I saw it and I'm the person that bought it on the first day and I loved sewing it and I'm in love with my duffle bag!

I would suggest making another one with some maybe more attractive fabric and maybe a smaller size too? I would love to have a "tiny" duffle, smaller than you child size.

The best of luck to you!

Anie, a true fan!


Well it is spring here so a getaway bag is perfect for our summer holidays which start in a month!Love the fabrics :)


I think bags of this size are just a hard sell, especially if they don't have much structure to them. That said, I think it's a cute bag and the fabric is a great use of a large print -- hopefully the new photos will be the answer.


It looks like a great pattern and something I would definately like to have a go at making.... although I must say that the fabrics really don't appeal to me at all but Surely people have enough imagination to picture things made up in different fabrics?? Hope your new photos do the trick!

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