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November 15, 2010


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I can't decide what cookie for this year!!
(The green christmas trees (if you are talking about the ones I made) were just a sugar cookie recipe called "Grandma's milkys" or something like that with sweetened condensed milk. I used 3 sizes (the middle are the same size...4 cookies in all) of star cookie cutters and then stacked them up turning the stars in different directions to make the trees. I used icing like glue to get them to stick together. Then decorated with all sorts of different stuff. They were an award winning cookie! : )

Also, thinking of a nice descriptive name helps too!

Can't wait!

sara b

I have hosted a swap for about 10 years now. My group of friends have always added/changed the rules every year based on what happens at the party. This year, we have opened it up to candies and bar cookies.

I also do my invites via evite so everyone can add what type of cookie they are bringing in the comment section so we don't have any duplicates.

Oh, and I have about 20-25 people attend each year.

Feel free to email me if you would like a copy of my invite!

Amy Dunn

I love your invitation, it looks awesome!!! I am not hosting a cookie swap but I will be there in spirit for yours! :)


Is it possible to get the recipe for the green cookies in the picture? The ones that look like Christmas trees? Those look fantastic! Have you ever read Joy the Baker? http://www.joythebaker.com/blog/ She has some great cookie recipes. You may want to scroll through her stuff for a good recipe. I've made about ten recipes from her so far, and each one has turned out fantastic!
And also, not to sound paranoid.. but you may want to take your address off of your blog. You never know who might be lurking online!


We're talking about what cookies to bake this year. Fancy or chocolate or easy... We can't wait.

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