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October 10, 2010


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This is the cutest thing evah! What an adorable use for that vintage pillowcase!

Jennifer Montgomery

I am so self conscious about making things and giving them as gifts. I am the only one of my friends that sews/crafts and I am never certain if people really like what I make them (and if what I make is something worth giving). But, the response is always great. I am also hesitant to tell people - I made it - when someone compliments my daughters clothes. I sure wish I received more gifts that were made!! Love your blog by the way....i just found it through prudentbaby!


I'm just starting to sew and have hardly any time to do it, as I am one of those working mothers. And I will say that every time I get something handmade I am flattered, and when it's something as gorgeous at this I am in awe and deeply grateful. I LOVE them.

I can buy cute t-shirts all day long, but there's something VERY sweet about the hand-made gifts. They mean a LOT.

Anneliese S

It is funny how handmade used to be about economy, and perhaps one would have felt self conscious about making instead of buying--as if it was a make-do. Now it is the opposite. I too feel self-conscious, as if it's more about me than the recipient. Not sure what to do. on the other hand, I have such little time to make for my own children it is an extra big deal to squeeze in the time to make for someone else, so I hope it is appreciated and wish I did it more often.


It is beautiful! And I love that it is vintage. It's so pretty. I understand about not being sure about giving handmade. This past weekend I went to a baby shower for a friend having twins. I really wanted to make and give her twins a years worth of bows (for each holiday) and she's not due until dec so I hought I would have time especially since the date of ther shower I already had plans and wasn't going to be able to attend. But at last minute my plans fell through and going to the baby shower empty handed was of course not an option! So I wet to Target and bought 2 outifts and 2 toys but couldnt afford much more. When I got to the shower there were easily 40-50 people there! I so wshed I would have saved my money, skipped the shower and gifted her my bows at a different time. My outfits and toys just didn't feel special at all!!


I LOVE this outfit!!! I am so glad to see I am not along in being afraid to gift homemade gifts to friends and family...I think for the most part people appreciate them and understand the time, joy and special thought that goes into a homemade gift; but of course we will always encounter a few that may not get it, that cannot appreciate the meaning behind it or those that make you second guess the sincerity behind their "Thank You"'s, but we can't let those little bumps stop us or make us second guess ourselves either.


HI Julie! That is how I feel too- I love and would rather keep than give to someone who doesn't get how cute it is!!!


I love what you made, and I would LOVE to receive it if I was having a baby shower! But I know exactly what you mean! I made one of your owls from the Lola pattern that I purchased from you, & I put a Target gift card in the pocket in the back and gave it to a girl for her baby shower.. I was super nervous about it! When she opened it, I felt like no one really appreciated it except for her Mom, who is also a DIY'er. I guess certian people just don't get it! Of course once she saw the gift card, her eyes lit up. But I do wish I would have kept the owl all to myself now!


I LOVE all your handmade gifts! It's recycled too...so perfect for the greenie. Whenever I have more time I have plans to pull out my creative side. Cute outfit!


I am always TERRIFIED of giving handmade things, as I'm always worried it's not as polished as store bough/too twee/too sentimental/some other problem. In fact, I've never had anything but a thrilled reception (and occasional disbelief that I found the time to make it), so I try to keep doing it!

My biggest problem is carving out the time to actually make all the things I want to make :)


I haven't give too many hand made gifts because I don't usually have a lot of time to make things. But the few I have made have gone over big. I have however received handmade gifts and watched how my DIL's have received handmade gifts and I can tell you that if my family were receiving what you made we would LOVE and brag on it constantly. I hope your friend will love what you have made.


Thanks Amy & Chance. I love that~ give it with pride!

Amy Dunn

I agree with the post above! First, that outfit is so fabulous, i can't even tell you how much I love that pillowcase you used! If they aren't thrilled with it they are crazy!
I do the same thing, agonize whether to make or just buy something. I think it depends on who the recipient is. Anyway, it is fabulous Virginia! Love it! :)


I love love love this! I get what you are saying about giving handmade. Sometimes people make fun of me for all the things I make, but I think deep down they just wish they could be like us. I say, give it with pride!

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