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July 21, 2011


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Excellent! I've been plotting to buy this pattern for awhile and just bought some cute Ann Kelle prints and some insul-brite so I am ready to go! My daughter just started in a Montessori school so I am still figuring out what to pack as well. I've set up a weekly menu that is the same every week but different each day so it is easier for me. Peanut butter and jelly on whole grain bread, peanut butter between two whole grain crackers, 1/2 a bagel with cream cheese (she hasn't been crazy about this one), ham and cheese sandwich (not wild about this one either), cheddar cheese slices and crackers, yogurt, freeze dried fruit, fresh fruit (blueberries, strawberries, etc), sun chips, grape tomatoes, raisins, dried cranberries. I do have a question about what sizes of containers can fit in this bag? Can you take a pic of the inside with some typical lunch containers in it so I can see? Thanks!!


This is great! I love the lunch box. I have a difficult time finding variety for my kids lunches also. We do PBJ sandwiches, cheese sticks, apples, grapes, leftover homemade pizza, chicken sandwiches, and a leftover pasta broccoli sausage dish.


These are great. I was just looking at some reusable bags at the container store and came away saying "I can do that."

As for what I pack for lunch, I am in my mid 30s and this has been a challenge since childhood. I dislike sandwiches and anything cold or hot and demand variety. Oh, and still have food touching issues! After becoming obsessed with bento boxes, I purchased 3 small divided craft containers (8"x 3"x 3"). Each container is divided into 2 (leak proof) sections. I pack 1 full container with 2 types of sliced fruits/veggies, 1 with 2 varieties of nuts/popcorn, and 1 messy one with a spread/dip/cheese and breads/crackers/etc.

Luckily, my daughter is much easier to please with avocado and PB sandwiches,carrot sticks or cukes and a fresh fruit.


I have to stash frozen quesadillas at work, b/c by the time I pack 3 very different lunches,I don't have time for my own! My son wants noodles or soup, cucumbers, and dessert; one daughter would happily eat a turkey sandwich, fruit, and crackers every day of her life; and the little one loves baloney, fruit, and more baloney. We have tons of reusable boxes and snack bags, but we can always use more!


my boy needs a bag for his preschool snack, and these are so cute! I am usually packing things like grape tomatoes, carrots, pretzels, grapes, sandwich and a small cookie or candy in the big girls lunch, as well as her water bottle or juice.


I put the water bottle holder in but it has never been used! By coincidence I have just made a ditty bag for my little boy using those very same Michael Miller prints, they are great! My girls often like pesto rice salad with cold sausages (all left over from the night before) along with a few carrot sticks and some fruit. I am well blessed in that my husband does all the packed lunches in our house.

Josie walsh

Found your site via a friend....love everything you do! So colorful, fun and functional!
My kids love it when we pack lunches, we picnic at every opportunity! Our favorites are sandwiches cut into fun cookie cutter shapes, apple slices, pasta salad, and I too love a good cucumber sandwich, with sprouts and cream cheese on a bagel or sandwich thin!

Amy Dunn

It looks great!! Love all of the new changes and the snack bag addition!!! I usually pack leftovers or a sandwich and lots of fruit. Veggies and dip are also a favorite here!

Brittany Meek

I usually just pack leftovers for myself. Love the patterns!!


I LOVE your patterns! They are BEAUTIFUL!! Boy, I'd LOVE to get busy sewing on those! :-)


I love your lunch boxes! I wish my son was a more adventurous eater but he isn't so I stick to the basics when packing his lunch: a peanut butter sandwich, goldfish or Cheez-Its, a drinkable yogurt, and a Capri Sun. He really loves it when I make his sandwich with a mini bagel instead of bread.


what a lovely pattern - i always like to be able to make things that are useful and unique - its whats good about sewing to me! we only take food out on daytrips as my daughter is only 2 - but i struggle to find things as she hates sandwiches, she is crazy for raisins at the minute - hope it lasts!


What a great lunch bag. I really like the one done out of boyish fabrics. Packing for lunch around here is usually not much of a variety. Its quick simple and I know my son will eat it. He gets a Sandwich, usually PB&J or pepperoni, some form of crackers, a pudding cup or box of raisins. For drink, a small Sunny D or sometimes a bottled water.


Since the twins aren't school age yet, we mostly pack lunches for outings to the park, library, and picnics in our back yard. Our lunchbag favorites are raisins, sliced red peppers, sugar snap peas, pretzel sticks or white cheddar rice cakes, cucumber finger sandwiches (I know, so retro) and veggie-spiral pasta salad. I can envision using the snack bag to hold kid-sized utensils.

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