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April 14, 2011


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Wow everything looks so cute! I purchased the crayon art folio pdf awhile back and would also love to have the smaller version - I totally need one that size for my purse!


Oh my gosh it is all so fabulous.

Lynne Ann

I just love all of your stuff! The owls and birds are absolutely darling... :)

Ivonne Loving

Hi! Loved this post. I included it in my weekly round-up. Thanks for always having such great material and creative ideas.


Wow! that's a lot of work. It all looks beautiful, good luck with the show.


Hi your sewing looks just fab. I am sure you will sell out. I would love to know your amendments to the lunch bags and crayon wallets.
Let us know how you do.

Jill D.

Great stuff. Good luck at your show. Make sure to let us know how your did and what your best sellers were.:)


wow! that is a ton of awesome stuff. all those pretty colors and prints together are eyecatching. i know you will do really well. wish i could stop by and check out your booth. good luck and keep us posted :)


I purchased the crayon art folio and would like the changes you made to it.
A smaller version would be great for me.
Thanks so much!!
Good luck at the show! Wish I can go.


Good luck. Those mini crayon folios are going to sell like hot cake. They are adorable.

Pink Stitches

I really wish I lived there right about now! Well, always really! I'm truly jealous of all the people who will be there and able to see your display in person and better yet- shop there! Good luuuuuuck! Hope you make a million bucks :)


I can totally relate to all that you have zooming around in your brain right now. You have a lot of great stuff already and have your list made so you're set there. Well, obviously lacking the packing up of all that awesomeness that is. Did you make the list of what you need to take? Pencils, pens, paper, receipts for those who want them, paper clips, scotch tape and something stronger to keep things in place like a duct tape, bags for the customers who haven't bought anything until they saw your super cute stuff and can't resist, a comfy something to sit on once in awhile, band aids for when you get nervous and cut yourself on something stupid LOL, string(hey you never know right?)......did that jog your mind of anything you haven't thought of yet? And don't do what I did years ago when my ex-husband and I did....don't sell the last item of anything so you'll have one to show people that might want to order one when you run out. LOL We did that and showing someone a picture of what you DID have for sale before they came to your table that day just isn't the same. Many of those people wanted to see a sample, not a picture.

Most of all...........do not forget......HAVE FUN! Even if you don't sell every single thing you've made, it always gives you experience in what not to do next show. GOOD LUCK!

I hope you can get all packed up and ready to go by tomorrow afternoon so you can just relax tomorrow night so you'll be able to get a good nights sleep. That's where I always failed. I ran all the way to bedtime and beyond the night before my shows and then couldn't get to sleep from worry of what I might be forgetting and then was exhausted before the show even opened the next morning.

I bet those little crayon/paper holders are adorable and will be a good seller because they do look like a fantastic size to drop into a purse when leaving with the kids to go out to eat. It might help if you have a purse on the table with one of them peeking out to show how well they do fit inside. It never hurts to let people see those things while shopping at your table in case you are busy talking to another customer and don't have the abilty to explain how great it would be for a night out for dinner to keep the kids quiet.

Geez. I don't know what got into me when I read this. HA I'll shut up now. :D Sorry for rambling. Again - GOOD LUCK!!! I hope you do really well.


Remember to take tons of business cards and images of what you make in case you sell out of something. I often take fabric with me too so that I can talk special order or brighten up a bare spot. You've got a fresh and cohesive look going on there - good luck!


Your stuff is gorgeous! I have purchased the crayon folio and lunch box patterns, which i love, and am interested in your changes you mentioned. How would i find these? I am also interested in purchasing the owl pattern, am wondering if the changes you did to make it a purse are included in the pattern, or do i just check back to your blog post?
Thanks so much and good luck at the show!


All that completed handmade stuff together looks great! I could image it will be even greater to come home after the show with nothing. I bet your stuff will get snatch right up.

Good luck!


Wow! You have a massive stock to sell! Wish I could find a craft show of the sort here...

Good luck on the sales, I'm sure you'll do great!


Good luck at the craft show. Your projects are so cute! Something tells me they will sell out! Have a great time.

Mary Jo

So nice! I wish I lived closer to the craft show!!


Very nice! That's a great stock of items to sell and they look very pretty. I hope you do well!

Amy Dunn

holy crud!!! that is a ton of stuff!!! Love everything!! Great job!!!

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